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  • Do we need to wear helmets on the e-bikes?
    Helmets are provided by Bolivar Beach Bikes for all riders. Helmets are encouraged for all riders, but only required for any riders under 25 years old.
  • Do we get charged for mileage or gas?
    Your reservation covers you for the time you have the vehicle regardless of mileage or gas used. If adding gas, please use Premium gas only.
  • Are there deals for longer reservations?
    Yes! Please see our Pricing and Specials page for more information on how you can save money!
  • Do I have to wear a helmet on the scooters?
    The law states that you must either wear a helmet or have a motorcycle license, or provide proof of health insurance,
  • How fast can I go?
    The speed limit on the beach is 15 mph and neighborhoods is 20 mph
  • Where can I ride?
    In the neighborhood and on the beach. Riding in the water will incur a fee of $50 plus and damage to the e-bike.
  • Can I fit on the e-bikes?
    Bikes are available for riders between 4'11" to 6'5"
  • Are there age requirements?
    Riders must be 21 to rent or ride scooters, and must be 21 to rent e-bikes and 18 to ride.
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    Driver's license, Proof of insurance, Sunglasses
  • Is there a minimum age for passengers on the scooters?
    Minimum age for passengers is 5.
  • Are there restrictions on where we can ride?
    The driving boundaries are restricted to Bolivar Peninsula. Each machine is equipped with GPS tracker and engine disabler.
  • Is there a weight limit?
    E-bikes are designed with a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. If you are concerned about this, please contact us at
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